35+ Glamorous Christmas Coffin Nail Designs [2023] (2024)

Acrylic coffin nails are a beautiful look for any event. As the festive season draws close, it’s important to have a nail style that is snazzy yet still manages to pair well with most outfits.

Our answer to this is gorgeous Christmas coffin nail designs! Stunning, festive, and just the right amount of extra – Christmas coffin nails ensure you have a big enough canvas for your wildest festive designs.

Add to the festive cheer; find out everything you need to know about Christmas coffin nails in the article below.

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Step-by-Step Tutorial for Christmas Coffin Nail Designs

Skipping a trip to the salon? No worries! Here’s a step-by-step video to get gorgeous Christmas coffin nails at home!

Follow each step carefully to get glamorous from the comfort of your home!

35+ Glamorous Christmas Coffin Nail Designs [2023] (1)

35+ Ideas For Christmas Coffin Nail Designs

Struggling to find the right design for the jolly season? Let our gallery of favorites inspire you.

Whether you want long frosty snowflake-inspired nails or Santa’s Claws, we’ve got something for everyone.

Check out some of the showstoppers we’ve seen over the years and find your favorite!

1. Emerald- Gold Christmas Coffin Nails

2. Sweet Candy Pink Nails

3. Cute Rudolph Coffin Nails

4. Traditional Red and White Christmas Nails

5. All Wrapped for Christmas

6. V- Cut Christmas Coffin Frenchies

7. Frosty Green Nails

8. Red and Gold Nails

9. Cute Glitter Coffin Nails

10. Frozen Red Coffin Nails

11. Sweater Christmas Coffin Nails

12. Mickey Christmas Nails

13. Classic Red Coffin Christmas Nails

14. Pink Christmas Nails

15. Silver and White Coffin French Tips

16. Red Diamond Coffin Nails

17. Blue winter Coffin Nails

18. Blush Pink Christmas Nails

19. Cute V-Cut Rudolf Frenchies

20. Grinch Coffin Nails

21. Snowy Magic Nails

22. Classic White Coffin French Tips

23. Silver Coffin Nails

24. Nude Christmas Coffins

25. Heavenly Coffin Nails

26. Star Dust Festive Nails

27. Winter Wonderland Nails

28. Magical Christmas Coffins

29. Frozen Nails

30. Red Glitter Christmas Coffin Nails

31. Diamond Festive Nails

32. Emerald Green Christmas Nails

33. Classic Santa Red Nails

34. Red French Tips with Rhinestones

35. Pinqui Blue Nails

36. Glitter Coffin Nails

37. Christmas Ribbon Coffin Nails

38. Winter Magic Coffin Nails

39. Red Peppermint Nails

40. Snow and Gold Nails

41. White and Red Coffin Nails

42. Merry and Bright Coffin Nails

43. Christmas Coffin Nails

The Basics of Coffin Nails

A coffin nail plate is basically a long nail plate with square edges instead of round or pointed ones. It can turn a fairly basic nail design into a sexy and intricate look.

With longer nail shapes, you automatically have more room to play and create more detailed designs.

Coffin nails are perfect for the festive season, when you need a manicure that does many things: pairs well with a range of outfits, looks festive and on theme, and finally, one that adds to the festive cheer!

Christmas Nail Art Trends

Christmas is an age old tradition bringing some tired and some edgy styles to the surface. Looking into the popular styles of the season can inspire your creativity.

Some popular styles to explore are:

1. Traditional red and green designs: ‘Tis the season of Christmas trees, mistletoes, and candy canes! Draw inspiration from all Christmas elements and pour it into your manicure!

2. Winter wonderland and snowflake motifs: Another favorite inspiration of ours is frosty winter wonderland, make Elsa and Olaf quiver with your snowy manicure!

3. Santa Claus and reindeer-inspired patterns: Santa Claus loves some Santa Claws! We have always loved nails inspired by the good ol’ ambassador of Christmas.

Tips for Long-Lasting Christmas Nails

There are some simple tips that will make your merry manicure last longer. Follow these easy steps for a month-long Santa’s claws!

  • Moisturize: Keep your nails and cuticles moisturized. Use cuticle oil or a rich hand cream to prevent dryness and chipping.
  • Protect Your Nails: Wear gloves when doing any festive chores, especially hanging up those pesky decorations!
  • Proper Diet: While it is the time to indulge, a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins contributes to healthy nails. Foods like biotin-rich eggs, nuts, and leafy greens can be beneficial.
  • Regular Trims: It can be easy to forget regular nail care. Trim your nails regularly to maintain their shape and prevent them from becoming too long and prone to breakage.
  • Gentle Nail Care Tools: Use gentle nail tools, such as a soft nail file and a wooden cuticle stick, to shape and care for your nails.

DIY vs. Professional Nail Artists

DIY Christmas coffin nails can be a cheap and enjoyable option, but they also have their own pros and cons. Here are some things to consider before plunging into a mani spree at home:

  • Doing your Christmas coffin nails at home can save you money compared to getting them done at a salon, as you won’t have to pay for professional services.
  • DIY nails allow you to express your creativity and customize your designs according to your preferences and the Christmas theme you have in mind.

Alternatively, it can be beneficial to visit a nail salon if you want a professional looking manicure.

Achieving salon-quality coffin nails can be quite challenging, especially if you’re new to nail art. It may take time and practice to get the desired results.

Finally, we say: Enjoy!

Dip your fingers into festive fever (very literally) starting with a gorgeous manicure!

Use imaginative nail art to capture the holiday spirit and this season, let your claws speak for you as we enter the festive frenzy!

35+ Glamorous Christmas Coffin Nail Designs [2023] (2024)


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