CYC Photon - 250W EPAC Compliant eBike Torque Sensing Mid Drive Conver (2024)


The CYC Photon now comes with the EPAC compliant firmware, meaning the motor is rated at 250W and is road legal. It still comes with the whopping 110Nm of torque

The CYC Photon is a compact and lightweightmid-drive electric bike conversion kit made to create a smooth pedal assist feeling that feels natural and seemless. Rated at 250W & 110N.m. Compatible with 36V to 52V battery packs.


Advanced torque sensing technology offers a seamless and intuitive pedal assist experience. With a helical gear design, the quality is uncompromised while giving you a silent ride. Compact and lightweight, the system offers subtlety and adaptability.


The CYC Photon is now paired with the X-series controller which makes a day and night difference than the previous models. Both the PAS and throttle experience are refined. The following list of issues are addressed with the X-series controller.

- High Initial torque
- Peak power
- Maximum reliability
- No cut-out with full power in bumpy terrain
- Instant throttle response
- Refined torque sensor tuning
- Simplified app
- Fully programmable via display, so using the app is not mandatory
- Plug-and-play


With mechanically retained magnets inside the CYC motors, they are designed to reach high RPMs without failing under heat stress.

Not only are the magnets mechanically secured but CYC used high grade quality magnets that can withstand up to 180 degrees Celsius. Much more than the motor will reach during your ride allowing for ease of mind during any conditions.


Ensuring you have a durable crankset is crucial to any ebike. The new integrated torque sensing module has made it possible for us to give you back the ISIS splined crankset so you can rest at ease knowing that no matter how hard you pedal, your crankset will stay secure.

The bottom bracket bearings are now fully sealed to ensure maximum reliability with outdoor use.


Love a muddy ride? What around rainy days or washing your bike? We've got you covered. We're making sure that our systems are up for the job.

All the previous water ingress point has been sealed properly with the upgrades. All the exposed bearings are also sealed so the systems are now safe to wash and use under heavy rain condition.


Patented torque sensor technology offers one of the best pedal assist sensations in the ebike world. Paired with our in-house firmware tuning and a robust sprag clutch, the CYC torque sensor ensures instant engagement and an intuitive pedal assist experience. ThePhoton ISIS splined standard torque sensing system ensures durability even with extreme riding. New CYC motors are equipped with the Gen 3 torque sensing technology exclusively developed in-house by our team of engineers and riders. Together they achieved a pedal assist experience for conversion kits like you've never seen before!


Equipped with our patent pending torque sensor module, we can give you a refined pedal assist system. The torque sensor module includes both a high sensitivity torque sensor strain gauge module and a cadence sensing module. The high number of poles of the cadence sensor ensures that we can control the sensitivity to a much higher degree & provides the opportunity to fine-tune the firmware alongside rider inputs. The result? Unprecedented ebiking!


Our PAS firmware algorithm is like the secret ingredient in a top chef's recipe. Without it, we'd be boring! BUT, we aimed for better, and so, we've accomplished it! Our engineers were put to the test and are proud to present you with an all-new pedal assist experience.


The new Gen 3 PAS (pedal assist system) sits integrated with the robust sprag clutch module so there's no external wiring that can get caught, bent, or accidentally snapped. The CYC PAS runs with both the torque and cadence signal collected and is processed by the controller to provide you with a pedal assist feeling like never before.


The latest X-Controller series is built to give you ultimate freedom. In-house firmware optimizes the throttle and pedal assist experience. Paired with the CYC Ride Control mobile app, you can unleash all the possibilities at your fingertips.

The mobile app is not the only way to customize your system. The controller is also programmable via the included display. Integrated for your convenience.


Instant torque and power, stable off road performance, responsive throttle, refined pedal assist experience, the X-series controllers are the key components to power all CYC motor systems.

Introducing the CYC Ride Control mobile app, aimed to unleash all the possibilities at your fingertips. Experience an advanced settings selection and an on-the-go mode on the horizon.


The ideal battery solution for your CYC ebike kit. Ride with only the best ebike battery packs.

We designed the B-Series with one goal in mind: providing high-quality, durable, andsleekbattery solutions. We know that every trip counts, so why not choose a battery that suitable for whatever you need. Check it out for yourself!

The B-Series pack is complete with:

  • High discharge BMS with short circuitprotection
  • Secure & versatile dual-mounting solution
  • Stealthy & compact bag-like design
  • High quality Samsung 21700 cells
  • Ice-blue battery level indicators
  • Quick removal for portability
  • Weather & impact resistant
  • Fast charging capabilities

Will the battery fit my frame?

Below you will links to print off the templates needed to see which battery will fit your frame!




The package includes everything you need to convert your bike except the battery:

  1. Motor body
  2. Chainring with chainring cover
  3. Bottom bracket assembly
  4. Crank set
  5. Peripherals including
    1. Display
    2. Waterproof wiring
    3. Thumb throttle
    4. Speed sensor
    5. Brake sensors (optional)
  6. User manual (ecopy)
CYC Photon - 250W EPAC Compliant eBike Torque Sensing Mid Drive Conver (2024)


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