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One of the critical aspects of the game is government reform. In this guide, we will explore the different types of government reforms and which government type is the strongest.


  • How to Change Government
  • Monarchy Government Reforms
  • Theocracy Government Reforms
  • Republic Government Reforms
  • Special Government Reforms
  • Conclusion

How to Change Government

It is possible to check the government forms available for change by clicking on the government type in the advisor tab, which will show the options available for the player to change with admin points. However, if the desired option is not there, then the options mentioned below are the only ways to change the government type.

Another way to switch from a theocracy to a monarchy is by letting rebels or separatists break the country.

Another way is to form another country, such as Westphalia or the Netherlands, which can give the player an event or decision to change their government.

Monarchy Government Reforms

For a monarchy, there are several reforms to choose from. As Austria, players start with a special Austian Archduchy, which is better than most other options.

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For the tier 2 reform, players should select “strengthen” for the national manpower modifier.

The third-tier reform should be “monthly autonomy change,” which lowers autonomy in newly conquered provinces.

The fourth-tier reform is a bit tricky, but players can either choose the “free admin policy” or “advisor cost reduction,” depending on their situation.

For the fifth-tier reform, players should choose “general estates” for the production efficiency boost in the mid to late game.

For the sixth-tier reform, players should select “governing capacity +250,” which is vital in the 1.30 update.

For the last reform, players can choose between becoming a republic, theocracy, or increasing their absolutism.

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Theocracy Government Reforms

For theocracy, there are two available reforms: “clerical state” and “monastic order.” Monastic order allows players to have heirs and rulers as generals and provides a -24 maintenance bonus.

For the third-tier reform, players can choose between “tolerance of the true faith” or “manpower recovery speed.” Players should pick the one that fits their situation the best.

For the fourth-tier reform, players can select “yearly prestige” or “dev cost reduction.”

The fifth-tier reform allows players to choose between becoming a republic, a kingdom, or increasing their idea cost reduction.

The sixth-tier reform can either be “national unrest -1” or “enable parliament.”

Lastly, players should select the “plus one free policies” as their last reform.

Republic Government Reforms

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Republics have different reforms to choose from. Free cities have a special tier 1 government reform, which gives -10% development cost reduction and +10% trade efficiency.

For tier 2, players can choose between “national unrest,” “random candidate bonus,” or “yearly republican tradition.” Players should select “yearly republican tradition” to keep their republican tradition up.

For tier 3, players can choose between “length of election term reduction” or “governing capacity +250.” Always choose “governing capacity +250” as it will help significantly in the early game.

For the fourth-tier reform, players can select “state maintenance -25,” “governing capacity +250,” or “global trade power.” Players should choose “governing capacity +250” for the same reasons mentioned before.

For tier 5, players can choose between becoming a kingdom, a theocracy, or a presidential system.

Tier 6 reforms can be either “stab cost reduction” or “diplomats +1.” Players should pick the one that fits their situation the best.

For tier 7, players can select “diplo policies possible +1” or “admin policies possible +1.”

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Special Government Reforms

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Moving on to special government reforms, Asian nations can also go for plutocracy, which gives an extra merchant. Sunni, Shia, or Ibadi nations can go for the Ikta, which is great, but if you have the Indian sultanate available, it is recommended to choose it as it provides the same interactions as the Ikta government reform and gives the Ikta taxation ability.

As for the tier 2 reform, you can go for empowered the Polygars, which provides infantry combat ability and dev cost reduction, or the free policies. The infantry combat ability and dev cost reduction is the recommended option.

For the third reform, the two default ones are available plus the fourth option of maintenance reduction and governing capacity. It is suggested to choose the fourth option, maintenance reduction and governing capacity.

For the fourth tier, the Maratha Council is the recommended option, which can give extra military tactics and discipline.


In conclusion, EU4 government reforms play a crucial role in shaping the gameplay experience of players. The reforms for each type of government have their unique strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to the player to choose the reforms that fit their playstyle and goals. By understanding the different government types and their corresponding reforms, players can maximize their nation’s potential and achieve their objectives in EU4.

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EU4 Government Type Guide | Europa Universalis 4 - YourGlobalGamer (2024)


What is the best government type EU4? ›

  • 5 Native Tribe. Starting With Extreme Handicaps. Effects. ...
  • 4 Monarchy. Vanilla But Flexible For Most Playthroughs. Effects. ...
  • 3 Republic. Dominate Early Game Management. Effects. ...
  • 2 Theocracy. Dominant Military Held Back By Contentious Leadership. Effects. ...
  • 1 Tribal Government. Razing As The Backdrop Of World Conquest. Effects.
Dec 27, 2023

What is absolutism in EU4? ›

Absolutism means unrestricted and unlimited rule and is represented in EU4 by how ruthless and efficient a government is. It is unlocked from the. Age of Absolutism onwards and gives scaling bonuses to discipline and administrative efficiency.

How do you become a republic in EU4? ›

In most cases, the only viable way to become a republic is to use the tier 6 government reform "Become a Republic". A few other ways are: become revolutionary to become a revolutionary republic. hoist the black flag decision to become a pirate republic.

How do you change the government type in Europa Universalis 4? ›

To switch the government type the country has to enact a special government reform of the highest tier. However, this is prohibited for some forms of government.

What is the hardest nation to play as in EU4? ›

Often cited as a classic example of a challenging nation in Europa Universalis 4 gameplay, Karabakh begins as a vassal of Qara Qoyunlu. Should players want any hope of expanding into its neighboring regions, Karabakh should secure support for its independence or risk being diplomatically annexed.

Who is the strongest AI in EU4? ›

For the A.I the ottoman empire is the strongest nation in the game and the hardest to deal with for other A.I nations. In the hands of a player the Ottoman Empire can be made very very powerful but Russia definitely in the hands of a player is the strongest nation in the game.

Is absolutism worth it? ›

Absolutism[] gives discipline and administrative efficiency and reduces foreign core duration. Basically, better troops, cheaper coring and annexation, less AE, overextension, and warscore costs, less separatist rebellions.

Why absolutism is better? ›

While absolutism is often considered suppressive and problematic, it also has some advantages that cannot be overlooked. If pursued justly and in favour of the country, it can bring concepts of unity and stability which are often required by countries in case of examples like war.

How much absolutism should I have eu4? ›

Therefore, since you cannot go over your maximum, your max Absolutism needs to be at least 85 before triggering the Court and Country disaster for it to really even be worth fishing for it in the first place.

Can you have an emperor in a republic? ›

YES. Examples: Rome (SPQR) was officialy RES PVBLICA with emperors elected by senators or military assemblies far more than inherited. Also Holy Roman Empire had elected emperor.

What is the advantage of republic Eu4? ›

Power is not inherited but instead in the hands of an elected head of state.
  • Has Elections.
  • Uses republican tradition.
  • Has accesss to Cultural sufferance.
  • Has access to Plutocratic Ideas but not Aristocratic Ideas.

Can you form Prussia in eu4? ›

The two primary contenders, though, are the Teutonic Order and Brandenburg, both of whom historically had a hand in the country's birth. In order to form Prussia, your nation must have an Administrative Technology level of at least ten.

What does making a state do in eu4? ›

States represent parts of a country which are more tightly integrated, while territories represent parts of a country which are more autonomous. States can be more productive than territories, but take up a larger portion of the country's governing capacity, which puts a limit on the number of states it may have.

What is the best government for playing tall EU4? ›

Republic 100%. Go heavy in the republican tradition modifiers, get short election cycles (you can get 3 years very early, then 2 years later on) and you'll be generating more mana than any other government type. If you want the full effect, Plutocratic-Economic is my go-to for a tall Republic in the HRE or in Italy.

What is the best country to colonize in EU4? ›

Portugal is many a player's top choice for colonization and for good reason. Portugal starts with a 25 percent bonus to their colonial range, but they're the European nation closest to the New World anyway via the Azores. Your best friend is Castile, which means you have no immediate enemies approaching you on foot.

Which ideas are the best EU4? ›

  • 10 Espionage. Secure Efficient Spies For Diplomatic Plays. ...
  • 9 Administrative. Efficient Leadership Gives More Time For Objectives. ...
  • 8 Diplomatic. Enter The Global Geopolitical Scene With More Mobility. ...
  • 7 Defensive. Get Early-Game Security Against Aggressive Plays. ...
  • 6 Exploration. ...
  • 5 Expansion. ...
  • 4 Humanist. ...
  • 3 Influence.
Dec 27, 2023

What is the best nation to form Jerusalem EU4? ›

Cyprus starts in the best geographic position to form Jerusalem, as it can immediately fabricate claims on two of the three needed provinces. Or, building to max naval force limit, will unlock a mission that gives permanent claims on the required provinces.


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